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State Commission of Public Records

In 1959 the newly adopted Public Records Act created the Commission of Public Records and charged it with establishing a Records Center in Santa Fe and appointing a State Records Administrator to manage the facility, develop and maintain the State's records management program, and advise the Commission in related matters. The facility created to fulfill the statutory requirement is commonly known as the State Records Center and Archives (SRCA). The agency is frequently also referred to by that name, although in statute it is designated as the Commission of Public Records.

Commission Members





Stanley Hordes, Ph.D.



Dr. Hordes is an historian specializing in New Mexico history, appointed by the Governor

Dianna J. Duran

Secretary of State

Dianna J. Duran was born in Tularosa, New Mexico, attended public schools there, and graduated from Tularosa High School in 1973. Dianna attended New Mexico State University in Alamogordo before beginning work in the Office of the Otero County Clerk in 1979. Elected county clerk in 1988, Dianna served two consecutive two-year terms. In 1992, she was elected to the New Mexico State Senate, serving until the end of 2010 when she resigned after being elected Secretary of State.








Hector H. Balderas

State Auditor


Hector Balderas was raised in Wagon Mound, New Mexico, a village of 310 residents that has one of the lowest per capita incomes in the nation. He is the son of a foreign born immigrant father from Mexico and a mother who was raised in Wagon Mound.  Growing up with both rural and international roots provided Balderas with a deep respect for people, an upbringing he has carried with him throughout his career.  He was the first person in his family to earn a college degree, as well as the first person in Wagon Mound history to become an attorney.  Balderas graduated from New Mexico Highlands University and earned his law degree in 2001 from the University of New Mexico.

Gary King

Attorney General


Gary King is the New Mexico Attorney General and perhaps the only current AG in the nation who is also a scientist with a Ph.D. in organic chemistry. Gary grew up with his ranching family in Stanley, New Mexico.

Gary King attended New Mexico State University and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.  He received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Colorado University at Boulder.  He then attended law school at the University of New Mexico, where he received his J.D.  In 1984, Gary formed the law firm of King and Stanley in Moriarty, where he carried out the general practice of law.  In 1990, he assumed the position of Corporate General Counsel and Senior Environmental Scientist with Advanced Sciences, Inc., an environmental consulting firm.

Gary served for 12 years in the New Mexico State Legislature.  During 10 years as the Chairman of the Consumer and Public Affairs Committee, Gary used his leadership position to work vigorously on health care, environmental and civil rights issues.

In 1998, Gary became the Policy Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in Washington, D.C.   Within a year, he became the Department’s Director of the Office of Worker and Community Transition.  While at the DOE, he developed and implemented a program fostering cooperation between federal, state, local and Native American governments to enhance cleanup activities.







Robert A. Mead

State Law Librarian



Ed Burckle, Secretary

General Services Department


New Mexico General Services Secretary Ed Burckle has decades of experience as a senior manager and leader in the private and public sectors.

He has overseen program management, small business, contractual and supplier matters, first as the general manager of a company providing facilities management and construction services at Los Alamos National Laboratory and later as executive director of a Santa Fe-based economic development organization.

Burckle is a retired Air Force colonel who, before moving to New Mexico in 2003, worked at the Pentagon as the Air Force’s liaison with Congress on procurement reform and commanded three military acquisition units during an accomplished 26-year military career.

After retiring from the military, he became a business development director for a Fortune 500 company in Virginia that operates global facility management service contracts for the Air Force, NASA and the Department of Energy.

Burckle earned a Master of Science degree in Systems Management from the University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public Administration from California State University at Long Beach.








Frances Levine, Ph.D.,


Museum of New Mexico