About Us

Four initiatives have been developed to achieve the mission of OSH.

The Office of the State Historian is committed to the advancement of critical thinking and consciousness, which frames this core initiative. By working with the State's Public Education and Higher Education Departments, OSH hopes to develop the use of history based curriculum in the classroom. OSH recognizes the fundamental value of New Mexico's history in the formation of a student's core education. Given the central role of history in our state's consciousness, OSH is poised to make a critical contribution in redressing educational failings in the state and its consequences by contributing its considerable resources to the educational process. This initiative focuses on the teaching of New Mexico history in K-12 classrooms across the state and for the public in general.

The Office of the State Historian is responsible for conducting or directing the completion of historical research, developing professional monographs and supporting scholarly and community-based research. In addition, OSH provides professional consultation, making available quality historical analysis to public officials and the general public. In 2005, the office initiated a research fellowship program, the Office of the State Historian Scholars Program, to provide funding to scholars from around the world to do research at the State Records Center and Archives. The program has now expanded to support research conducted in any New Mexico archival repository that contains material related to New Mexico history and culture.

Community Outreach:
The Office of the State Historian is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge about New Mexico history and cultures. Through this initiative, OSH aims to foster collaborations between scholars and communities in an effort to better understand the dynamics of history and culture in New Mexico. Toward this end, OSH hopes to encourage people to see historical and contemporary connections where they might not have before, to see a history that is broader and more inclusive, one that exists between cultures and generations. This expression of our collective past and future is one that has been fully integrated into the work plan of the Office of the State Historian, which includes community forums, lecture series, performances and web based programming that both present and interact with New Mexico history. The staff of the Office of the State Historian continues to volunteer their time on boards, commissions, panels in an attempt to broaden the scope of understanding that is New Mexico history.

Heritage preservation:
Heritage Preservation is about working to save the tangible and intangible cultural production that embodies our collective histories: documents, architecture, communities and oral histories. The Office of the State Historian collaborates with archives, conservators, museums, communities, and concerned individuals across the state and nation who care about preserving our shared and individual pasts. OSH supports efforts to preserve the multi-layered histories of New Mexicans, the built environment, intercultural experiences, memories, and in accord with the agency's mission, the written record. The State Historian is a statutory member of the Cultural Properties Review Committee, the policy-making committee that oversees the Historic Preservation Division of the Cultural Affairs Department.