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TOPIC: Hungarian Americans in New Mexico

Subject: NM is much more than Anglo, Hispanic, and Native Americans
Posted: July 28, 2005 5:05 PM MDT
Comments: I am of Hungarian decent on my father's side, and I have been trying to trace the migration patterns of the Hungarian peoples in NM. My grandfather, Louis Szabo, homesteaded land in Quay County, NM about 1904, and our family retains much of his land today. My grandmother's brother, George Roklizer, was a bootmaker who lived in a number of NM towns, but spent most of his life in the Gallup area. I have found a few records to tell about him, and he owned a small piece of property in Gallup where his shop was located. He once made a pair of boots for Tom Mix, the cowboy star of early movie fame, and I have a ledger with Tom's traced foot prints in it. The book undoubetly has footprints and measurements of many famous or infamous people in it, but I am not familar with most of the names. The book is fragile, and on old scrapbook type paper, so I do not know how to preserve it and am afraid that it would be damaged further by trying to copy it. Oh, yes, it also has many signatures in it, since all the boots were hand made and deposits were given etc. Several other Hungarian families settled in the Quay County area---the Szaloy family in the Grady area, the Fezekas family in Tucumcari, and after WWII, Mike Pacsirta and his family. Today, many students from Hungary are attending universities here in NM, many coming with degrees from their own country in Law or Medicine. A surprising number are women. Two that I met at The Hungarian Club of NM, are studying arbitration law, and the other has a doctorate from Hungary and is doing cancer research at UNM. I find these people, most of whom have come into the country since WWII or after the Hungarian Revolution, to be exceptional people of all different occupations. I am hoping that others of Hungarian descent living in the State will add their stories to this web site. Thank you,
Posted By: Frances Szabo Shay

Posted: January 9, 2006 9:23 PM MST
Comments: Hi I am too from the Eastern side of Nuevo Mexico. After leaving there to live in Montana I have discoved many roots of Nuevo Mexico in Montana. Including the Hungarian Horses (Marcus Daly & Jim Edwards history of the 1800's. It really delighted me to find now that I am at the top of the Outlaw Trail that ended up into New Mexico. I do miss the pinon and green chile from New Mexico...
Posted By: Colonel R.H. Bain-Historian

Subject: Hungarians in New Mexico
Posted: June 15, 2007 7:03 PM MDT
Comments: I am looking for Hungarians in New Mexico. Could anybody help?
Posted By: Elayne

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