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TOPIC: NM History Website

Subject: NM History Website
Posted: August 21, 2005 11:04 AM MDT
Comments: I just "surfed" the new website. What a great idea. Imagine the possibilities for the future. They are unlimited. I only wish we had this kind of technology when I was working. I also read through the comments. Some of the criticism reminds me of the "good ole days" at 404 Montezuma. One year we a had a serious snowstorm and the melting ice and snow was dripping into the archival vault and the water shorted out the electrical system causing a fire about ten feet from the orginal SANM,MANM, TANM etc. In a state of emergency we had to close the building for a week or more, but with flashlights and heavy jackets (no heat) the dedicated staff protected those documents and managed to provide public and state service the best they could. When I began to work on a plan for a new building THEY said it would never happen. THEY said there were no resources, it was not a priority in the state etc. etc etc. Well, we all know what happened because of some people who cared. Estevan and Dennis keep up the good work. I know you have vision and the best part, for me, is to learn that you are reading one of my favorite authors, Eduardo Galeano. You are probably reading Cela,Saramago,Zinn,and Cervantes as well. Always remember, like I did then, Cuando una puerta se cierra, cien se abren. I know you guys will succeed. Thank you for doing this project. Let me know if I can help.
Posted By: Michael Miller

Subject: Student
Posted: September 29, 2005 3:11 PM MDT
Comments: I'm a student doing a little exploring for class and I was assingied to this website. My teacher really liked it and suggested it to us. This is a really helpful website but I believe that it has more potential, and it needs more information. Well thanks for the helpful facts and interesting topics.
Posted By: West Mesa High Student

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