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TOPIC: Japanese Internment Camp

Subject: Santa Fe Opera-Carlos Gilbert Elementary and OSH Collaborative
Posted: April 19, 2006 4:10 PM MDT
Comments: Students growing up in New Mexico are the heirs to a very unique history. Much of ground upon which these students walk is deeply storied. How many of these students know where they come from, realize the amazingly complex and certainly contested history that is theirs? For the students living and learning at Carlos Gilbert Elementary School in Santa Fe, New Mexico, what lies beneath them is truly amazing. Layered amidst thousands of years of history, is the story of a Japanese Internment Camp. That story is global and national in its reach and yet the local is what makes the story so specific to New Mexico, Santa Fe and the Casa Solana neighborhood. The students will be able to grow to understand the world in which they live, what came before them and what possibilities understanding may create. They will enter the dialogue in which the past is represented. This year, the Santa Fe Opera, Carlos Gilbert Elementary and the Office of the State Historian have collaborated on a project that will commemorate this site and its history. This project was made possible due in part to a grant awarded by the History Channel to the The New Mexico Office of the State Historian and the Santa Fe Opera. This “Save Our History” grant allowed The Santa Fe Opera and Carlos Gilbert Elementary School to partner for a “Here in Our Backyards” project. This is one of 26 “Here in Our Backyards” projects around the country that encourage communities to take an active role in the preservation of their histories. For more about the project please go to: http://www.santafeopera.org/commprograms/histchannel.php
Posted By: Dr. Estevan Rael-Galvez

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