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TOPIC: Espinosa Brothers

Subject: Victim of Espinosas
Posted: February 29, 2008 2:52 PM MST
Comments: I have read any article and book I can find on the Espinosas because my husband\'s gggrandfather was killed by them on Adobe Creek north of Wetmore, Colorado. He was checking his sawmill and they found and shot him. Books and articles vary in their accounts of his death. Some books sensationalize it and say a cross was carved in his chest. Others say he was shot in the head only. The article on this website is the first I have read that describes vividly how the brothers were driven by desperation to do what they did. I am curious about how Judge Franklin William Bruce was actually killed on Adobe Creek. Does the Espinosa\'s diary mention his death? Does anyone have a transcript of the diary?
Posted By: SallyJo

Subject: Espinosa's
Posted: July 31, 2009 3:58 AM MDT
Comments: Did you read Tom Tobin Frontiersman or the book Tom Tobin and the bloody Espinosas the story of America\'s first serial killers and the man who stopped them. in the later book the author claims, through correspondence with the Colorado Historical Society, that both of the Espinosa\'s diaries as well copies of their declaration of war are missing are destroyed. I\'m researching this too. I live not far from the area and know more where the author is talking about. Actually I\'m from Pueblo which is not far.
Posted By: Junior

Subject: Highway of Legends
Posted: July 31, 2009 7:55 PM MDT
Comments: There is a "historical" marker at the top of the drive on the second lake about Tobin. They leave out the story of the Espinozas. Sorta of a "cowboy history" if you ask me. I sure would also like to hear the Espinoza side of the story. Bet it would be a lot different. This site's story may shed some light on the subject.
Posted By: Preciliano Martin

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