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TOPIC: Japanese Internment

Subject: Japanese Internment
Posted: March 20, 2008 12:09 AM MDT
Comments: I am surprised that Carlos Gilbert Elementary School is the location of the Japanese Internment Camp. I had always heard that Gonzales Elementary School was the site and it would stand to reason considering it is in the Casa Solana Neighborhood where Carlos Gilbert is not.
Posted By: Kari Hatch

Subject: hum
Posted: March 25, 2008 12:51 PM MDT
Comments: Hi Kari, this is Rosa, my kids went to Gonzales. I am going to look into this as I too thought that the Internment Camp was located in the Gonzales Elementary area of town. I love history and am always looking for authentic information.
Posted By: Rosa Weiss

Subject: Casa Solana
Posted: March 25, 2008 1:36 PM MDT
Comments: Hi Kari, yes, you are correct. The Japanese Internment Camp was located where Casa Solana now stands, in the neighborhood behind Gonzales Elementary School. In April 2006, the Santa Fe Opera, Carlos Gilbert Elementary School, and the New Mexico Office of the State Historian worked collaboratively to produce an opera about the Japanese Internment Camp. It was originally going to be produced by students from Gonzales. An excerpt from an article posted on our site from that time as follows: \\\"Students growing up in New Mexico are the heirs to a very unique history. Much of the ground upon which these students walk is deeply storied. How many of these students know where they come from, realize the amazingly complex and certainly contested history that is theirs? For the students living and learning at Carlos Gilbert Elementary School in Santa Fe, New Mexico, what lies beneath them is truly amazing. Layered amidst thousands of years of history, is the story of a Japanese Internment Camp. That story is global and national in its reach and yet the local is what makes the story so specific to New Mexico, Santa Fe and the Casa Solana neighborhood.\\\" I hope that this clarifies some things about the Internment camp. Thank you so much for using the discussion board, and please keep it up. Let all of your friends know that we are here. We believe that the more people that use this format the better it will get!
Posted By: Rosa Weiss

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