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TOPIC: Urban Development

Subject: Researched Data
Posted: September 20, 2008 4:47 PM MDT
Comments: Considering that there is no textbook (although I keep hearing that one is coming) for New Mexico History, I find it difficult to put together a lesson plan that is concise and shows the relationship of military bases, the atomic bomb, and interstate highways to the development of certain communities. I teach NM History thematically and when I teach Economic New Mexico (1912- )it requires too much individual research for a one-semester course.
Posted By: Versa Clark

Subject: Related to WWII
Posted: November 4, 2008 4:55 PM MST
Comments: Versa, your frustrations are understandable. The New Mexico Digital History Project does offer an accessible alternative to a textbook. Though I am not immediately aware of all the site has to offer with regard to "Economic New Mexico" in the context you are looking, I am aware of a few pieces relating to WWII that may be a good place to start. If nothing else they will provide your students with a basis from which to draw their own conclusions. Some articles include, "1943-Establishment of Los Alamos National Laboratory," "1945-Establishment of the White Sands Missile Range," "Los Alamos," "Los Alamos Post Office," and "White Sands Missile Range." I am not sure of the title but I know there is also something in the Time section about the establishment of Sandia Laboratories. You can find all of these in the appropriate navigation themes or simply by doing a search. I hope this helps for next year if it is too late for this year!
Posted By: Jennifer

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