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TOPIC: Origin of the name Valdes

Subject: Origin of the name Valdes
Posted: November 13, 2008 10:18 PM MST
Comments: Anybody interested in the origins of the name Valdes and the difference with the name Valdez? Here it goes, In the Spanish Northern Region of Asturias, there is an are where the River ESE meanders and called Valle del Rio ESE. Valle in Asturian dialect is VAL, del becomes DE and ESE becomes the letter S. The County where this valley is based is called County of Valdes. The people are a mix of native tribes, Hebrews and Goths. So here it is the explanation of the name VALDES ( after a place). Why the name VALDEZ? Three main reasons: 1)Misspelling which is very prevalent in the Americas when the English language ( fairly poor in clearly and distinctive sounds) is used. There are innumerable examples of family names simply misspelled, and 2)Changed on purpose. This was a common practice among Spaniards to denote children out of wedlock while recognizing that they were the biological fathers and 3) Knee jerk reaction. The Spaniards conducted explorations in the American NorthWest as important if no more important than the British. One of the explorations discovered what is called today Prince William Sound and went all the way to the end of this sound. Once they got there they name the Port ( puerto in Castillian means refuge) Puerto Valdes after ,at that time, the Spanish Secretary of the Navy Adm. Antonio Valdes. Americans during the Spanish/American War and out a knee jerk reaction changed the name to Port Valedez as infamously ( EXXON VALDEZ) is known today. Whever wins wars appears to have the right to alter how History is written. Eventually the system catches up. Anybody interested in more details please contact me. Thank you.
Posted By: Antonio J Valdes

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