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TOPIC: selfishness

Subject: selfishness
Posted: May 4, 2009 9:39 AM MDT
Comments: I believe that several people have instructed individuals who are looking to find their roots to resources available to help them. Perhaps it is because their is a lack of readership that we do not have more in-depth discussion and contributions to this blog. There is room for improvement.
Posted By: rmestra

Subject: Selfishness
Posted: January 22, 2011 8:36 PM MST
Comments: True that there is room for improvement, but for the State Historian to have accomplished this much with a website under such underfunded budgets IS totally excellent! Kudos but in response to those that my or may not be selfish for specific reasons. In a climate where everyone wants a piece of the pie with out realizing that the slice is just a sliver. If everyone would put their pieces together and share, think of all the possibilities. I live in Austin for the mean time (hey cant get a job in NM) so Texas has in intersting setup..everything is Texan...Could or should NM be more like Texas (god forbid my great grandmother Delgado is Hearing this inHeaven) in that they Celebrate Texas every which way but down. NM could do that and even better we are older...I walk with friends who point to buildings with dates of 1834, 1845, 1900 and I poke them and say come to NM I'll show you 1621, 1651, 1721 and laugh. Come on Folks Sharing is what keeps us New Mexicans, New Mexicans. Share your slice and you'll reap much more then you can imagine in terms of history and participation in propogating New Mexican History......ok I'll get off my soap box. OH and one more thing Vulgarity has nothing to do with it
Posted By: Eric Sedillos

Subject: selfishness
Posted: April 22, 2011 2:59 PM MDT
Comments: E. Sedillos appreciate your shared concerns; I was not stating there was or is \"selfishness\", I was merely refering to the article/author of an entry labeled \"selfishness\". I agree that the Office of the New Mexico Historian has done a commendable job in organizing and maintaining this site. rmestra
Posted By: Robert Estrada

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