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TOPIC: Transitions for my Father

Subject: Transitions for my father
Posted: November 7, 2009 11:40 PM MST
Comments: We recently took a monumental step to move my parents for the winter (at least) to Albuquerque. We are really still in the process of this move and the move though perhaps temporary, is perhaps the most difficult for my father, Erineo Herachio Gálvez. I have been acutely conscious of how difficult it would be for him to leave the ranch. Last week, I could not help but think of Diana Reyes’s song, Mi Ranchito and the first stanza of her song: Alla al pie de la montaña/ Donde temprano se oculta el sol/ Quedo mi ranchito triste y/ Abandonada ya mi labor. Today, however, was an especially difficult day for this 82-year old man. Today he took the last of his sheep to the sale in Monte Vista, Colorado. I would not have thought about it until our conversation tonight, which he began with a slight trepidation in his voice, “Since the day I was born, I have always had sheep. I was born with them, have tended them all my life, but today is the first day ever that I don’t have sheep. He remembered that when his primo Celestino Arellano, also once in old age had gotten rid of his sheep, mused that, ‘it was a good day.’ “But I don’t feel that way,” he said, recognizing his own sentiments, his own transition.
Posted By: Estevan Rael-Galvez

Subject: Family History
Posted: December 4, 2009 7:30 PM MST
Comments: Get a tape recorder and record some of his memories. Once he is gone, so will his memories. Ask who his grandparents were, etc.
Posted By: Preciliano Martin

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