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TOPIC: Chaperito

Subject: Chaperito
Posted: February 19, 2011 8:40 PM MST
Comments: My paternal Gallegos and Garcia family once lived in Chaperito and El Aguila (1870 to 1930). The Gallegos married into the Garcia Family. My paternal great grandfather Estevan Gallegos and his spouse Melquiades Garcia relocated to Rocky Ford,Colorado in the mid 1920\'s. They were Sheepherders. Many of Gallegos/Garcia relatives are found in the 1870 El Aguila and Chaperito 1870 and subsequet censuses until 1930. Estevan Gallegos son, Eufemio Gallegos(my paternal grandfather)was born in Chaperito as was his spouse Agueda Gallegos. Eufemio\'s son Jake Gallegos (my father) was also born in Chaperito. I visited Chaperito in 1985 with the aid of Topography Maps. Some ruins and a cemetery (which I couldn\'t access due to high vegetation and hissing of rattlesnakes). I did take many pictures of the landscape and some ruins.I hope to return someday? (I\'m now 70) to do more gravemarker research. I have been doing genealogical Gallegos family research for 30 years. On ancestry.com, I have a family tree \"Los Gallegos from La Cuesta (now Villaueva) and Chaperito New Mexico\". My maternal side is also Gallegos from La Cuesta. I have loads of information o these Gallegoses. I can best be reached at: leonardo.gallegos16@yahoo.com Am open to any and all requests and I\'m glad I found this website.
Posted By: Leonardo Eufemio Gallegos

Subject: Mary Escolastica Gallegos
Posted: July 8, 2013 12:17 PM MDT
Comments: I would like more info on Estevan Gallegos Family.
Posted By: Frank Saiz

Subject: Saiz & Gallegos Family
Posted: July 8, 2013 5:24 PM MDT
Comments: My paternal side(Frank J. Saiz)has his roots in Chaperito and Las Vegas area. His father Parfieno Saiz was married to Mary Escolastica Gallegos. Frank J. Saiz has several brothers(Fred, Adolph, Juan & Sam) and sisters Vira & Laura. Would like info on Parfieno Saiz and Mary Gallegos families.
Posted By: Frank Saiz

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