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TOPIC: The Ortega family

Subject: The Ortega Family
Posted: April 14, 2011 11:30 AM MDT
Comments: Hello every one my name is Gibert ortega and i live in Las Vegas NM.My father is From Chaperito NM his name is Orlando I Ortega he is 83 years old.We go to Chaperito at least twice a year.I know how to get there if anyone needs help or information on how to get there im willing to help anybody.I was wondering if anybody knows about any Ortegas that came from Chaperito and that lived there in the 1800's.My father tells us some pretty interesting stories of from when he was a kid.My E Mail address is Gilbert.Ortega@State.nm.us feel free to e mial me at any time.Thank you..
Posted By: Gilbert.Ortega

Subject: The Ortega family
Posted: May 29, 2013 11:41 PM MDT
Comments: Hi Gilbert, Finally made it Chaperito and found a headstone of great Aunt. As I said in the email my Uncle was excited. We would have loved to talk to your father and if he would like to talk on the phone we can set that up. Thanks.
Posted By: anita99

Subject: Ortega to Saiz
Posted: July 30, 2013 8:39 AM MDT
Comments: Hello Gilbert, In a Pueblo CO library in a book that records New Mexico Marriages Chaperito La Eglesia de San Ysidro El Labrador Aug 1876 - Dec 1898. On Julio 22, de 1880, Francisco Ortega viudo de Jesusita Martinez, con Maria Epeminia Garduno, hija legitima de Jose Manual Garduno y de Maria Juana Apodoca. The Padrinos are Teodosio Salas Y Paulita Salas. A US Census 1900 shows a name change from Ortega to Saiz for Francisco and Epeminia. Francisco and Epeminia are my great grandparents whose sons are Marcos, Fidel and Perfilio. Perfilio is my grandfather and Frank J. Saiz is his son. Would like to understand why the name change from Ortega to Saiz. I can be reach at saizfam1@sbcglobal.net or 707.887.0883. Gracias, Frank Saiz
Posted By: Frank Saiz

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