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People - opening screenTo explore biographies, the stories behind names and identity as well as particular perspectives in New Mexico history, click people.

You will see 19 concentric circles. Each circle is a link to a specific group of biographies. Click the central circle to view all biographies, or move your mouse over any of the other circles to learn more about that section.

Click a circle and a list of related biographies appears on the right of your screen. You can scroll through the list, or click a letter at the bottom to go to that portion of the alphabetical list. Click a specific name to view a summary for that entry. Click "more" to view extended content about that entry in a popup window. Click "close window" to return to the "People" navigation, and select another name within the same category or click another circle to explore a different set of biographies.

Exit the people section by clicking another theme (time, place or story) or another part of the website (Discussion, Calendar, Resources or About Us).

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