search resultsIn addition to exploring the thematic tools (place, time, person, and story) and other navigational links on the website, you can also use the "search" function.

The search bar is available on the bottom right of your browser window and can be used when you are looking for something specific--a particular location, for instance.

Click the Search field and type a word or phrase that may be imbedded the information you are seeking; then click "search" (or press your computer's "Enter" key).

The search function checks for the keywords you have entered in both the titles of essays and images and in the text of essays. For example, if you type in the word "Taos," some of the entries that would appear include:

  • Kit Carson
  • Mabel Dodge Lujan
  • The Maxwell Land Grant
  • The Restoration of Blue Lake to Taos Pueblo
  • Taos Pueblo

These entries will be listed in alphabetical order, and you can scroll down through the list. The search function works best when you have something very specific in mind.

For an advanced search which allows you to narrow results by resource type, click "Advanced Search" within the Resources section of the top navigation.