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Story - opening screen - mouse over bookTo explore specific stories behind the events, people and places in New Mexico history, click story.

When you place your cursor on the bookshelf, it begins to revolve. When you place the cursor on one of the gold books, you will hear and see a theme attached to it. What you will hear is the particular theme spoken in five different languages. Story - click on bookAlternatively, you can simply mouse over one of the book names and the corresponding words will be spoken. Each of these books is based on a theme: symbols, wisdom, prophecies, letters or migrations. Click the book to open stories related to that theme. These stories integrate various media - images, sounds, text, and oral histories.

Story - animals popupIf you click a story title, a summary will open. Click "more" and additional content opens in a pop-up window.

You can place your cursor at the corner of the pop-up window, and using the left click button, drag to enlarge the window.

After closing the window, you can explore other stories, or click the top right navigational links to explore one of the other themes or sections of the site.

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