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Time - opening screenIn order to explore events in New Mexico history, click the theme time.

Next click a century, which will open links for each decade within that period.

Move your mouse/cursor over a decade marker to view events from that era. Click the event title that interests you.

Time - decade and summaryA summary of that event and, when available, a thumbnail image opens.

You can choose to see more of the story by clicking the "Extended Content" link.

The extended content can include an essay on the event you have chosen, as well as photographs and/or documents.

When you want to return to the timeline, click the close window link.

After exploring time events, you can return to the themes main page by clicking “themes” in the main navigation at the top of the page. Or you can go directly to one of the other themes sections (people, story, place) by clicking that title in the themes subnavigation just below the main navigation.

Time - html versionIn the html version, click a century, which opens an additional window. This window lists all events that have occurred in that century and that are currently in the database. You can view the larger image and extended content, when available, by clicking the title. When you have completed your exploration of the selected century, you may click the "close window" link at the top right to return to the timeline or exit the time section by clicking another theme (place, people or story) or another part of the website (Discussion, Calendar, Resources or About Us).

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